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Hobby Fish have been serving the Aquatic Hobbyist for over 40 years. Based just outside Milton Keynes, towards Northampton on an eight acre site, we have over 10,000 square feet of showrooms, including tropical fish room, aquarium show room and coldwater hall.

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We have a large selection of Tropical, Coldwater and Marine Fish. Tropical Plants, Pond Plants, Japanese Koi, Goldfish & Lilies (in season), Marine Invertebrates and Coral. The largest selection of Aquariums in the area. Vast range of accessories and treatments etc. for Ponds and Aquaria, including Pond & Fountain Pumps, Pond Filters, UV Clarifiers, Aquarium Filters, Heaters, CO2 Systems, Substrates, Aquarium Computers, Lighting and Maintenance Accessories.

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Hobby Fish, Towcester Rd, Old Stratford,
Milton Keynes, MK19 6BD.
Tel: (01908) 543210 Fax: (01908) 542149
Animal Welfare License: LN/199700002
Animal Welfare License Number: LN/199700002