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Clown fish We have a marine section with over 7000 litres of saltwater aquariums containing marine fish, corals and associated inhabitants for sale. The largest stocks in the area. With over 3000 litres of retail display being added soon. We concentrate on quality and good value rather than "cheap stocks," maintaining our livestock in best condition, having been acclimated in our 2000 litre quarantine facility, and feeding highest quality foods including live plankton, PE mysis, copepods and seaweed. We stock a good selection of both Hard and Soft Corals, fish primarily for reef aquaria and not forgetting starfish, crabs and snails.
Our selection of marine associated equipment and sundries is very large and includes products from Aquatronica, AI, Radion, Kessel, Gro-tech, D-D, Deltec, TMC, Brightwell, JBL and Red Sea amongst others.

Animal Welfare License Number: LN/199700002